2021 Dominican Republic Holidays

2021 Dominican Republic Holidays

Holidays or public holidays are those non-working days, since they are those dates of the calendar highlighted in a special way, in view of the fact that some religious, cultural or patriotic holiday is celebrated, according to each country.

In the Dominican Republic, holidays are regulated by Law No. 139-97, which was designated on June 19, 1997 by the Ministry of Labor , through Official Gazette No. 9957 of June 25, 1997, the which came into effect on the 27th of the same year and month. , page that offers information on all the country’s holidays, as well as which ones fall on weekends, which are movable or not, and for you to plan your vacations in advance, those that are not working and those that form a weekend length.

According to the law, it is decreed that if a non-business day coincides with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, it will be transferred to Monday. If you want to know future holidays, with the intention of planning vacations and trips in advance, you can enter DiasFeriadosRD.com , a page that offers information on all the country’s holidays, as well as which ones fall on weekends, which are movable or not, those that do not work and those that form a long weekend.

In the Dominican Republic, we also have some important days on the calendar, but they are not part of the non-working holidays. However, they are reasons for celebration for all Dominicans, such as: Mother’s Day , commemorated on the last Sunday of May, also Father’s Day , celebrated in the country on the last Sunday in July, as well as Valentine’s Day , in which the Day of Love and Friendship is celebrated every February 14.

2021 Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Festivities Date
New Year
Friday January 1st
Holy Kings day *
Wednesday, January 6 (It changes to Monday, January 4)
Our Lady of Altagracia Day  Thursday, January 21
Juan Pablo Duarte Day *
Tuesday, January 26 (It changes to Monday, January 25)
National Independence Day  ** Saturday February 27
Holy Friday Friday April 2
International Labor Day  **
Saturday 1st of May
Corpus Christi Day Thursday June 3
Day of restoration Monday August 16
Day of Our Lady of the Mercedes
Friday September 24
Constitution Day Sun  **
Saturday, November 6
Christmas ** Saturday December 25

* Of the 12 holidays, this year we enjoy 2 long weekends.
** These days in 2020 fall on weekends, a non-working day for those who work from Monday to Friday.


New Year : [Social] This first day of the calendar is not movable and begins, as its name says, a new year, which according to the Gregorian calendar established by Pope Gregory XIII, makes January 1 celebrate this holiday in most of the world.

Three Kings Day : [Religious] On January 6, the arrival of the Holy Kings to Bethlehem is celebrated, which is commemorated by giving gifts to children. In the calendar it is a movable day, which according to law enforcement can be moved to Monday.

La Altagracia Day : [Religious] Every January 21 the Catholic Church celebrates the day of Our Lady of Altagracia, patron saint of Higuey, and because it refers to a religious holiday, it is not movable.

Juan Pablo Duarte Day : [Patriotic] January 26, is a date that commemorates the birth of Juan Pablo Duarte, father of the Dominican nation, and on the calendar to coincide with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, it will be moved to Monday.

Independence Day : [Patriotic] On February 27, 1844, the Dominican Republic proclaims itself free and independent of any foreign power, a fact that is commemorated and that, according to its assignment, its holiday can be transferred in the calendar.

Good Friday : [Religious] This religious holiday commemorates the death of Jesus, which, as its name indicates, is always Friday, so it is not movable and its date varies according to the year between March 20 and April 23.

Labor Day : [Social] The first day of May is International Labor Day, this is also part of the days that can be transferred.

Corpus Christi Day : [Religious] The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ or Corpus Christi, is always celebrated on a Thursday equivalent to 60 days after Easter Sunday.

Restoration Day : [Patriotic] Every August 16 the Dominican Republic celebrates the day of the year 1863, when the people faced the Spanish forces and achieved the restoration of Dominican sovereignty.

Día de las Mercedes : [Religious] Dominicans who profess the Catholic faith celebrate the day of Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, every September 24, especially in La Vega, where the Shrine to the patron is located.

Constitution Day : [Patriotic] The Dominican Republic commemorates the promulgation of the country’s first constitution on November 6, 1844. This holiday is movable, as explained by law.

Christmas : [Religious] This celebration commemorates the birth of the baby Jesus, this date is not movable since it represents one of the most important dates on the calendar in many countries.

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