Apple TV in 2021

Apple TV in 2021

Let’s start with the appearance, here I wouldn’t expect a big revolution. The look of the Apple TV is still pleasing to the eye and I don’t think Apple will decide to change anything. There were rumors of a Dongle appetizer, but I don’t believe it either. I TV Stick has its limits (reviewed every moment) precisely because of its size. A smaller Apple TV means less RAM, memory and so on. And the risk that it will “cut,” and Apple won’t allow it.

There are also rumors about what processor the Apple TV will run. There is talk of new Apple A14X processors that we will find in this year’s (2020) iPhones. This would significantly improve the performance of Apple TV in relation to for example game support. Other leaks say we’ll see two versions of Apple TV – with the A14X processor and the weaker A12.

An interesting fact is also the introduction of a game controller to the add-on. I don’t want to believe it was included with an Apple TV, but as a dedicated accessory available for purchase as much as possible. Although I would rather not try it myself.

Home Gear?
Another novelty is even greater integration with HomeKit devices. Apple TV needs to get a U1 chip so it will be able to detect other HomeKit devices in the vicinity. That would be a sensible and good move, enough for me to change my appetizer.

We suspect that the new Apple TV will debut this year, around the premiere of the iPhone 13. The price is likely to rise slightly and we will have to spend around PLN 1000 for the smaller version and 1200/1300 for the more expensive