Lottery Sambad Result Nagaland state lottery Today

Lottery Sambad 26.10.2020 (লটারি সংবাদ) Result Today pdf Nagaland State Lottery

Click on the link above to Download and view Lottery sambad result online. Lottery sambad today west bengal state lottery result online PDF. Check daily Lottery sambad Result 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM Nagaland State lottery . As you now lottery sambad draw held 3 times a daw once at 11:55 AM Second time 4PM and 3rd Time 8PM. So you can check three times Lottery sambad result online. To check Lottery sambad Result 3 Times a day click on the given below links. 

Lottery sambad morning 11:55Am result

Lottery Sambad 26.10.2020 october 26


West bengal State Lottery 4 pm result

Nagaland state Lottery night




Sambad Lottery Result Today

Sambad lottery is very famous and popular lottery of India. Everyday you can get three times lottery draw results here on this page. The result schedule is given you below.
Sambad lottery is also popular in the west bengal and kolkata. You can get sambad lottery chart.

Lottery Sambad (লটারি সংবাদ) Mobile App:

Those who are regular customer of Lottery sambad. They can just get download and install lottery sambad app in their mobile phones. Get read lottery Sambad Newspaper with us.

Lottery Sambad Types:

There are many types of lottery sambad. But you can get all sambad lottery results here as well.
  • lottery sambad bhutan
  • Nagaland State Lottery
  • west bengal state lottery
  • lottery sambad 2020
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  • lottery sambad bengali newspaper
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  • lottery sambad dear success
  • lottery sambad dear kind
  • lottery sambad dear falcon
  • lottery sambad singam Zeal
  • lottery sambad singam Tough
  • lottery sambad singam Great
  • lottery sambad singam Vigor
  • lottery sambad singam Delight
  • lottery sambad singam Energy
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Lottery Sambad Result

Lottery Sambad today all of the result has been updated here on this page. All result has been updated here on this one single page for the day September 25.9.2020. All of you may check lottery sambad result online. You may check old results, bumper results, daily results and lottery sambad news.

Lottery sambad লটারি সংবাদ Today Result

Lottery sambad 2020 year may be one of the most lucky one year for you. Buy your ticket and try your luck to won the lottery. As you know there are many prizes and lucky draw held on the daily basis. Stay tuned to check and download Lottery sambad 2020 results over here.

Sikkim State Lottery draws 6 bumper lottery draw every year on Makar Sankranti Bumper, Saraswati Bumper, Shree Holi Bumper, Baisakhi Bumper, Diwali Pooja Bumper and Christmas New Year Bumper.The prize for these bumper lucky draw will be between 1 crore to 10 crore.The tickets for these big prizes cost between 100 and 2000 rupees.

Dear Lottery Sambad is the 11:55 am Lottery Sambad result shown in the afternoon.Which is the first lottery result of the day of lottery Sambad, which also has many nicknames like Lottery Sambad Morning Sikkim State Lottery Nagaland State Lottery Morning Result.

The cost of a lottery ticket of this lottery camp is only 6 ₹, which is also used for the poor people of that state.

Lottery Sambad (লটারি সংবাদ)

Results.Most of the people in India trust their luck. If there is a way, then there is a desire. Similarly, the game of lottery running in 13 states is also a game of luck.Lottery Sambad (লটারি সংবাদ) Result

Nagaland state lottery Today Result

 Lottery sambad is the world’s largest popular website with many small keywords like Lottery sambad Morning, Lottery sambad Today, Lottery sambad 11:55 am, Lottery sambad 4 pm, Lottery sambad Night, Lottery sambad 8 pm, West Bengal State Lottery, and  Lottery sambad SambadFor the people of Sikkim State, the government created a lottery result site and started the lottery game. Lottery game proved to be a boon for both Sikkim State and Nagaland State. This kind of game is very much liked by the people here. If you are from which state you are, then you must play a lottery game. A lottery game is a wonderful and thrilling game to play this game. First of all, you have to go to the lottery shop or on the lottery website, from here you will get a lottery ticket, keep the 16-digit code given on it with you, as soon as the result is broadcast by our website Lottery At the same time, you sketch the 16 digit code given on your lottery ticket and search your court from the results posted on our website if your This results you have received lottery of million Haaawr peoples.

Lottery sambad 4 pm Result

Have you come to our website to see the result of lottery match 4 pm i.e. West Bengal State Lottery, then we feel very happy to see you, our website, like the government website, gives you the immediate result at 4:20 pm. Lottery games to be held in the afternoon through the website, with a lottery price of ₹ 500,000 Area through we can see the results you click on, please refresh button you are presented the results of the West Bengal State Lottery website.

Lottery sambad 8 pm Result

 If you have come to our website to see the results of lottery games in the night then we will be very happy to tell you that through this website tickets for lottery match 8 pm ie Lottery sambad which is played in Nagaland State The price of ₹ 7 and the prize money is ₹ 5000000. The result of the lottery comes at 8:15. If you are connected to our website, click the refresh button below repeatedly. You see the result, you search your order court from that result and see if your result has come or not, this website is like the official website, which presents you the right result at the right time.

How To Get Result Of Lottery sambad

 The total states of India where national games are played, if you are living in those states then you must be playing a lottery game and if you want to see the results of your lottery then you can visit our website All these results of lottery are broadcast through lottery dialog on this website which is recognized by the government. They are played in different states, they are broadcast live through our website. A lottery game is a wonderful game that we are trying to explain to you. Through this game, some people try their brothers or national game. All the results are broadcast at different times in all the states, their results also come at different times. All these results are collected according to their time on our website. Is shown on it by collecting them in a timely manner to all these results.

Lottery sambad History

The history of lottery is almost 50 years old, that is, on the 5th of December in 1972, a lottery was started, many Raju started playing the lottery for the development of their states and many states started lottery Banned mother’s government started benefiting, it seems every day there is ease in eliminating the poverty of the government and there is 30 percent government on the other. There is a complete and considerable contribution to the state’s methods to make it in a city. Similarly, if you also want to do something and want to keep some history, then you should also do something so that it also becomes your history.

How To Get Complaint Form Of Lottery sambad

It is okay to fill the lottery problems through the Complaint Form, in reading the rules and laws made by the Government and the comments made by the ticket buying government. The official site of Atri dialog we can get the information of the government Through the site recognized by you, by reading all the information on our website, you can get your results through the Complaint Form or Result or all their different keywords, if you are having a busy facility. So make sure that you make your problems accessible to us so that we can solve your problems with lottery Sunday Morning or Evening Night To thank.

Lottery sambad Today

Lottery sambad Today means that lottery game is done today or lottery game is played daily and a person gets lottery every day. By this lottery game, it is proved that only the fortunate ones are on the battery. Lottery sambad Today is an integral part of a Lottery Samband, that is, there is only one word of lottery dialog with the help of which we get lottery results. We refer to it as Lottery sambad. Lottery gesture results are presented on lottery dialogues so that people playing lottery games do not have any inconvenience in seeing their lottery results.


Lottery sambad Prize List

Different state lottery and their different prize money in lottery games are shown to you through this website i.e. the price money of lottery games to be held in Sikkim State. And the game played in West Bengal means that in the lottery world, the value of 3 state lottery tickets is also different. Money is also different which we call Dhan Kesari Lottery. Dhan Kesari is also a part of lottery in this way, the first lottery game was started by a person named Dhan Kesari, so keep the Dhan Kesari lottery result in his name. Given this, we know the names of lottery result 2019 lottery result 2020, etc.

Nick Name Of Lottery sambad

Lottery sambad is a wonderful website to show the result of the lottery. All other websites which reflect the results are all linked to these websites. In lottery games, lottery results are represented by different names and their results are short- Short name.


Satta king result 786 mataka king today

Satta King |  Satta King 786 Result  27.10.2020 Today

All the results Satta King ,Satta Matka, Matka King, Satta Gali Ghaziabad, Satta King 786 is known as Firozabad Gali etc. All these betting game results will be displayed to you through this website, you can also download your results in PDF file and download Satta King’s You can see all the results, you know the results of Satta King in the morning as Matka Satta King and in the evening 6: Desawar is known as the Satta King.

Lottery Sambad

Satta king all Result

सबसे तेज खबर सिर्फ़ यहाँ आती है
( Time-05:00am )



Refresh Result

( Time-06:00pm 



Refresh Result

( Time-08:00pm )


Refresh Result

( Time-11:00pm )


Refresh Result

Satta king online live result

Satta king 786 game is played by the name of sattaking satta disawar only in india . It played in different state of india by there state name as well like : satta king gali desawar satta king gali sattaking faridabad satta king gaziabad up super satta king satta king delhi bazar satta king ghaziabad sattaking kashipur satta king satta matka king satta king Nagpur gujarat satta king satta king result satta king up Obviously yes you are free to play satta king game online there are lots of the best websites and application are available online to play satta gali or sattking game online . is the one of the website from where you can check the satta king 2020 result online or if you Which to play you can do that too.If you play Satta every day, then you add this webpage to bookmark so that you can see the Satta king result fast as soon as the Satta result arrives. On this website you can see Gali Satta, Satta King Chart, Black Satta King, Satta King 2020, Satta King Online, Satta King Gali Result, Satta King 786, Desawar Satta king at the appropriate time.Are you looking for 28.7.2020 betting results, then you can do the right website, this website can download all the results of the betting king in its own time to time.11:00 to 3:00 am and 5:The results are published either at 00PM or the game is in the street of Faridabad. Game played through Satta King is also called Do Matka King. Betting game is a game based on lottery. The game of lottery is played and its result comes at different times. All the results of this game happening in the same world are also determined at their own time.HOW TO PLAY SATTA KING 786In today’s internet world, Getting a satta result very not a big . You will find lots of websites on internet which provides live satta king result on their portal. On these website you will get fast disawar gali result, disawar satta result, faridabad result, gaziyabad result, etc. All you have to do just search satta king result, gali result, disawar result, faridabad result, gaziyabad result on google and you will get live satta king result instantly online.. We are the most popular online Satta King Website that provides the quick Satta gali Result and Satta King Number. Be in touch with our website for fastest satta or Satta king 786 Tips. We are giving you an opportunity to become a Satta King using Our Online Satta gali Result. We welcome you in the amazing world of Satta King Disawar. This is official Satta site for real Satta players. This is the worlds most famous Satta website love by people engaged in Satta King Bazar in Gali Bazar, Satta, Mumbai main And. We, SattaKing, provide quickest and Super Fast Results and error free predictions.

Satta King Matka Result Today 4.10.2020

If you are fond of playing Satta then you are on the right webpage. Here you can see Satta King, Gali Satta Result Online daily. On this page you can see Gali Satta Result, Black Satta, Desawar Satta King, Satta King Faridabad Result, Satta King Ghaziabad Result, Satta king fast every day at the appropriate time.Satta King 786 |Satta King Online | Satta King Gali Result | Desawar satta king | Satta King FastSatta or betting is a game like a lottery. If history is to be believed, this Satta King is involved in betting on closing rates transmitted from the New York Cotton Market to the Bombay Cotton Market. It originated before the era of Indian independence when it was known as Akda. In the 1960s, there has been a lot of change in this betting pot. Which has changed the form of a pot of cards and clay pot? Although Matka or gambling or Satta Matka is illegal in India.

Satta king online today result

Subscribe to push notifications to get Satta king online result. After the result, your PC, or MOBILE or TABLET you will get a notification on your DEVICE. In today’s fast Internet era, you can get the fastest Satta king online result. Satta King is a gamble of sorts. Which is banned in India? But still, people are playing this game by stealing. This game is played daily in large quantities, avoiding the eyes of the law. According to Wikipedia, this game is the riskiest but also most beneficial. Satta King is illegal in India but most of the 13 states in India have recognized lottery in which Mumbai and gaziyabaad are organized in this state. Nowadays, Satta King 786 is searched more on the Internet. You can get this Satta King 786 result on this webpage every day. You can see Satta King 786 results at different times of the day. You can find this in the chart above.

You  Satta king online  Why play? If we talk about this, then the answer will be that you should play Satta king online because in the fast internet world it is very easy to play Satta king. If you want to avoid administration, then the world of the Internet can be a good option for you. Because it is not easy to catch a bookie in the world of the Internet. But let us tell you that this  Satta king is banned in India.


Matka King history

The history of Satta King is a very old history. Satta King goes to one of the lottery games that are played in Dewar in his street and mohalla in the state of Dewas or it is a kind of gambling game. People put any number on their number And that number is spinned by the computer. On spring, the number in numbers from one to nine stops in front of the computer and the same number is called the number of the speculative king is called the lucky number. The number of guards are also called or the number is also seen in the pottery world. In the world of Matki, in the lottery game that is played, they also go separately in different pots and then put all those numbers in one pot. In a person who is selected by a team, the person riding in it takes a lucky number by putting a hand in it and the number which is written on it, the same number is called a matka number, in this way near Ghaziabad This game played in Dewar is brought to the public in the name of Satta King. At the bottom you will see the Matka King and Satta King results. Many people from the Satta King game went to see the Qutub Minar. If you are playing, then you too will do.

Satta King Desawar today Result 

You can see Satta King Desawar at 5:15 AM in the morning. This website is updated soon after you get the result. You can get newspaper results to know the Satta King Desawar result. Stay connected with us to know Satta King Desawar daily.

Satta king Gali Result online

Satta King Gali Result At 11:05 pm, you can see that many people are interested in this Satta King Gali. You can get this result every night on this webpage. You can also see the Satta King Gali result in the newspaper. For this, you have to go to the paper stall every day. To see the Satta King Gali result, you can add this webpage to a bookmark.

History of Satta king

If history is to be believed, first the speculative cotton market was sent from the speculative New York Cotton Exchange to Bombay Cotton Market via teleprinter. It was played at the rate of speculative cotton. Later, they used to play betting at the rate of opening of the market of cotton and the rate of cotton closing the market. Later, on betting cricket, most people started playing betting.Satta Matka was played with loud noise before independence in India. At that time this game was played by putting paper slips. Nowadays it has become an online game. People play online betting through the Internet. It is not legal in India, yet people play this speculative Matka game secretly. This speculator, which is very famous in India, is one of the big business.Satta King Faridabad You can see this result at 6.15 pm. This website can see this Satta King Faridabad result at the right time. You can see the Satta King Faridabad result of the past whole week in the chart given below. Satta King Faridabad This is quite a famous speculator.Satta Matka was started in 1962 by Kalyanji Bhagat, a farmer from Gujarat. This market is still played every day. Later, a lot of changes were made in this game, and in 1964, Ratan Khatri started New Worli Matka. Nowadays Milan Day, Satta King Gali, Milan Day, Rajdhani Day, Satta King Deshawar, Satta King Faridabad, Bhagyalaxmi, Kamal Day, Satta King Gaziyabad, Time Bazar, Supreme Day, Milan Night, Rajdhani Night, Supreme Night, Bombay Bazar, It is mostly played by Kalyan Night, Worli Day, Main Mumbai Day, Super Kalyan, Kuber Morning, Sagar Day, Sagar Night.What is satta result?There are various forms of Satta king game and each Satta king forms open different results at different times. Satta king form as also knows as the Satta king game. All the forms of Satta king game are being played all over the world. Satta result is the result that comes in the form of a two-digit number and opens it’s on fixed timing. Satta result is the number that decides the Satta king winner. you can all the Satta king game result in every Satta king website. their Satta result is well arranged on every page of the Satta king website as it is the source of visitors to any website. you can see today’s Satta result and previous Satta result as well in every site. all the Satta results of previous years are well arranged in the Satta king record chart. Satta king record page is one of the important pages of the Satta king website as visitors used to spend their time analyzing the result opening pattern which can help them to get the upcoming super jodies. many people is having skills to get the upcoming Jodie from the previous year’s record chart. Gali result and Desawa result are the two most searching keywords in google od this field. many times the Satta result gets leaked in the Satta king market which is known as Satta leak number which can make you rich in any game. all the Satta result of different game pen its own fixed timing like Desawar result open in at 05:00 AM where Gali result open at 11:00 PM. Ghaziabad Satta’s result opens its Satta result at 08:00 PM and Faridabad opens its result at 07:00 PM. If you are also a Satta player than you can also get these Satta results on our website at the mention above timing.The Satta Matka started by Kalyanji in 1962 was played every day in the week. Whereas the Satta started by Ratan Khatri was played only 5 days a week (Monday to Friday). This betting mattered a lot of popularity at that time, due to this people started to know this speculator by the name of “tata Matka”.

Steps to View Satta King Result Today 3.10.2020

Step 1: go to the official website of Satta king 

Step 2: Click the option of Satta king Result

Step 3: find the option of Satta king Deshawar Result 21.8.2020

Step 4: Click the option of Result and View Satta King Fast ResultStep 25: Check results and Check If you Win or not.

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West Bengal State Lottery 2020 check the winning numbers

West Bengal State Lottery 2020 check the winning numbers

The West Bengal State Lottery Extra Summer Draw was held this Saturday,  30 at 9:15 p.m. The number that won the first prize was 67139 with series 098 and distributed 3,000,000 euros.

West Bengal State Lottery 2020 result





11:am result

8 PM


The winning combination of the West Bengal State Lottery Extra Summer Draw consists of five figures to the main number plus the series. In addition, the draw on August 15 has distributed 20 additional prizes of 1 million euros to the five figures and the series of the second to the twenty-first complete withdrawals.

The Extraordinary Draw on August 15th has also awarded 119 prizes of 20,000 euros to the 5 figures of the first prize, 1,080 prizes of 500 euros to the last four figures of the first prize and numerous prizes of 50, 10 and 5 euros.

In addition to the additional 20 prizes of 1 million euros, the Extra Summer 2020 Draw has awarded 2,380 prizes of 500 euros in the five figures from the second to the twenty-first complete withdrawals.

To check if you have been one of the winners of the West Bengal State Lottery Extra Summer Draw, enter the official website of West Bengal State Lottery West Bengal State Lottery or consult the West Bengal State Lottery website .

In the Extra Summer Draw of West Bengal State Lottery 2019 the first prize went to the number 97004 and distributed 20 million euros.

Next, the numbers that have been awarded with the additional prizes of 1 million euros:

Today I am going to tell, regarding the controversy caused by the advertising of La West Bengal State Lottery, a story that they told me many years ago, and that comes as a glove to illustrate the various misunderstandings around the concept of social advancement, and above all of its conceptual simplifications. The story was told to me by a fellow soldier a few days before we graduated.

We were one afternoon in the barracks canteen, when Ramiro, that’s what my partner’s name was, began to rant about the raffles for the Gordo de Navidad. I asked him why buying lottery tickets seemed so wrong (I had just bought one, on the eve of the drawing). He answered me with a story that stuck with me forever. Ramiro was the son of a single mother. From his birth to the age of five, it was difficult for him to explain how his life with his mother had passed. It was a kind of gap that no one, not even his own mother, could ever fill. It seems that this was never very explicit about it. He did know that he had been in different families that took care of him in exchange for money that his mother paid them. Until he was five years old. Then his mother got to work as a cook in a family of ancestry. It was a family of high officials of the State and owner of rural properties in the province of Buenos Aires and on the Atlantic coast. They were Catholics and strict observers of pious and compassionate practices. For the sake of it, they accepted the mother of my military partner with him being so small.

These people were very frugal in their gastronomic customs, lots of boiled vegetables and rice and grilled meat. From time to time a potato cake, a recipe that West Bengal State Lottery mother seems to have mastered to perfection. That made his mother’s life more comfortable. Thus the existence of my companion passed. We never lived as well as in those days, he told me wistfully. We had a bathroom just for ourselves, in an apartment of about 400 square meters (each floor in that neighborhood, near the La West Bengal State Lottery cemetery and surrounded by embassies, occupied one floor, with an elevator that led into the house), I described. I had only the ironing room for myself, where I played and where I made my movies with the toys that my mother made sure I never missed. At that time she had a boyfriend 15 years older than her. This man gave me his last name when he found out I was carrying my mother’s. She gladly accepted. So it was that I began to see them as husband and wife. And to myself as her son, Ramiro continued to explain.

One day, a fatal day, he emphasized, my sudden father won a lottery prize. With that money, he considered it appropriate for our family to meet in a common home. And that’s how all my comforts ended. Suddenly, from one day to the next, I found myself sharing with my brand new family a room of ten square meters, located in a tenement, and with a bathroom to distribute their shift among 15 people. (A tenement in Buenos Aires were one-story houses with a common patio, surrounded by rooms where a family lived in each one, with a single bathroom for all the neighbors and two pits for washing clothes and dishes). This is how my personal Stations of the Cross began, Ramiro completed. And in a sinister neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Bad company, various thefts, school dropouts. Until the reformatory arrived. I always say, Ramiro confesses to me, that that damn prize meant my descent into hell. At least until I got to know the reformatory library. But this is another story, concluded my fellow soldier.

Kerala lottery result today 1.10.2020 Draw for Sunday

Kerala state lottery 1.10.2020 Draw for Sunday

The  winners of the five main numbers and the refund get the highest prize . Those who match five, four, three or two numbers are also lucky, the highest prize being if they also have the refund. Matching only the key number entitles you to a refund of the bet money.

The   Kerala state lottery Sunday . Each bet costs 1.5 euros and consists of selecting five different numbers between 1 and 54 of the first matrix (forecasts), and one between 0 and 9 of the second matrix (key number or refund).

Kerala Lottery Result Today
Kerala Lottery Result Live Today 26.9.20
Lottery Name Kerala Lottery
Draw Code AK 465
Draw Name Akshaya
First Prize Rs. 70,00,000
Result date 30.9.2020
Result Time 3 to 4 PM
Result Status Published

Kerala state lottery

Additionally, multiple bets of up to 11 numbers can be made. A single bet cannot win more than one prize, but different bets on a ticket can win multiple prizes.


You can  check the results of Kerala state lottery other draws and lotteries  on our specialized portal.

The coupons that coincide with the winner of the main prize in its five figures have been awarded with 20,000 euros. Those with the same last four figures, with 200 euros; those of the last three, with 30 euros; those of the last two, with 4 euros, and those of the last figure, with 2 euros.

Kerala state lottery morning today

The ONCE Kerala state lottery raffles are held every Saturday and every Sunday. On Friday the Kerala state lottery is raffled, with a prize of 9 million euros to the five figures and the series. And from Monday to Thursday, the daily coupon, endowed with 35,000 euros and a payment of 36,000 euros a year for 25 years to the lucky series.

The  National Lottery is one of the most popular games of chance in Spain , with almost three centuries of tradition. The first drawing was held on December 10, 1763.

The minimum document to participate is the tenth. A banknote is 10 tenths of the same number and series. The fraction identifies each of the 10 tenths of the same bill.

Kerala state lottery history

The National Lottery is drawn every Thursday and Saturday. In addition, there are several extraordinary draws such as the  Christmas Lottery  and the  Children’s Lottery , which are held on December 22 and January 6, respectively.

You can  check the results of other draws and lotteries  on our specialized portal.

Check Nagaland State Lottery: results for today

Check Nagaland State Lottery: results for today

The first prize of the Nagaland State Lottery on Thursday, September 29, 2020 has fallen to number 89067 , while the second has gone to number 91478 . Refunds correspond to numbers 0, 1 and 7 . You can check all the results on the website .

Check Nagaland State Lottery result




11:55 AM Result

4 PM Result


The Nagaland State Lottery draw takes place, as every year since 1814 , thanks to the commitment of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (LAE). It is one of the games of chance that has the best reception in Spain.

You can get a ticket for 3 euros in Thursday’s draw. On ordinary Saturdays the price increases to 6 euros; On special Saturdays it is charged at 12 euros and up to 15 or 20 for extraordinary draws.

In the Lotteries section of you can check the winning numbers in lotteries throughout the week.

The winning number in the Nagaland State Lottery draw on Saturday, September 12, 2020 is 41,288 . Being the AECC special draw, the tenth winner with the special prize is that of this number, of fraction 2 and series 7 . The second prize has gone to 78,161 and the refunds, in 8 , 5 and 1 . You can check all the results on the website .

The Nagaland State Lottery draw takes place, as every year since 1814 , thanks to the commitment of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (LAE). It is one of the games of chance that has the best reception in Spain.

You can get a ticket for 3 euros in Thursday’s draw. On ordinary Saturdays the price increases to 6 euros; On special Saturdays it is charged at 12 euros and up to 15 or 20 for extraordinary draws.

The latter is the case this Saturday, since the Extraordinary Draw of the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC) is held . The tickets have a cost of 15 euros and will be distributed in prizes 105 million.

There is a first prize of 15 million euros to a single tenth; a prize of 1,300,000 euros for the series; a prize of 250,000 euros per series; and 3,485,100 more secondary prizes.

In the Lotteries section of you can check the winning numbers in lotteries throughout the week.

The Nagaland State Lottery draw takes place, as every year since 1814, thanks to the commitment of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (LAE). It is one of the games of chance that has the best reception in Spain.

You can get a ticket for 3 euros in Thursday’s draw. On ordinary Saturdays the price increases to 6 euros ; On special Saturdays it is charged at 12 euros and up to 15 or 20 for extraordinary draws.

In the Lotteries section of you can check the winning numbers in lotteries throughout the week.