Behind the scenes of the “fake lottery” gang hunt unfolded, the prize for the purchase of the lottery lost millions

Every day 1 or 16 will give birth to a “new millionaire”. The lucky person won the 1st prize at least 6-12 million. More than this time, these celebs try to form a profile to become a lottery dumb. Which makes the lottery sell well Until the lottery division does not have to market at all.

Inspector Berm started to tell the background that Originally from Facebook from the victim That posted on Facebook than being a fake lottery villain Come up the prize money With that we are the police from the suppression division Has authority in this matter So I tried to investigate the results, it appears that the incident has been reported many times and many places. Starting from the northeast Then go to Kanchanaburi area And met in the north After that, he began to follow and follow until he got a clue of the villain From CCTV images Which the injured person has reported After being a fake lottery by a villain.A hundred thousand baht (the 5th prize and the 4th prize each)

Police believe There were many people involved in this movement. Divide duties together Starting from casting a lot of lottery tickets at a time or in volumes “For example, if you buy 100 tickets, you must have one that wins. The right one will go up to the prize. But the wrong one .. . he was looking for the number closest to the winning number. ” Lt. Col. Apichon told the author that When to make a fake ticket He won’t do a lot. He will choose to do only 1 number, usually only the tens or units, ie 2 or 3 final numbers, or if they find a number that is close to the big prize, such as the 4th or 5th prize, he will do something. The latest case here is being hit into a hundred thousand baht.The counterfeiting method is cutting and pasting. By scraping off the old number using a knife or some device, and then put the number that was put into it. And rolled over to be as smooth as possible After that, there will be another person doing the job forging the QR code. Which is another step

When asked where he got the QR Code, police from Division 4 said they believed a group of associates were doing this. Now they are chasing the rest. And believe that there are still many people who have escaped

From the investigation believe that They have about 7-8 people. There will be 2-3 people who will be responsible for the reward. But before going to the prize There will be people who forge lotteries or gang movements to look at them first. He will find a store that does not have a strong reward check Or using the method of removing the winning lottery Come to these shops to check first. Then gradually exchange the counterfeit

“The money they earn will be divided. Like the one who was arrested He confessed that If he won 10,000 baht, he earned about 3,000 baht. These people were unemployed. No occupation Do whatever you want to do He doesn’t care Get money then spend it all Some people have been arrested a few times, which is not very heavy for forgery. Stuck inside, soon came out. When the news is silent Will come and do it again ”

Inspector Berm told the author that The money he got should be around a million baht. Average each person is in the thousands to hundred thousand baht. In which these groups of people, in addition to forging lottery tickets, also forging ID cards Because of the award The shop that accepts the purchase, he has to ask to see his ID card. These people then forged their ID cards. Use other people’s cards and put their faces on or use other people’s cards. Then make the face look blurry

One of the reasons we can catch lottery fake gangs Because the shop was found, the inspection was strong and the “catch a pontoon” was notified, prosecution was reported. And when checking the CCTV footage Therefore, the criminal can be arrested, but the problem is that these cases are cases that have a low penalty rate. Therefore not long in prison and came out to cause repeated incidents, therefore he wanted the victim to identify Because if it is a case of different karma in different terms Will increase the penalties more and more

As for the counterfeiting of “lottery” lotteries, there are two types of counterfeit: both fake and fake with only partial correction.

Forging the entire copy is quite difficult. Which the lottery division has a way to check that is …
1. Features of the real lottery paper will “Tough and thin”

When shining with a white light or bright light, the Vayupak bird watermark will be seen in the paper texture. If the light violet or UV light is visible across the line silks and glowing
2. Picture in drawing a contrast
3. numbers and letters. The ink that is printed will be different. (Need to use a telescope)

Forging with some modifications Most of them use scraping, deleting, peeling or cutting methods by examining a magnifying glass to examine the suspected point of correction.
1. Numbers and letters
2. Daily installment
3.2D barcode

In this regard, most of the numbers will be modified to be numbers that are similar, for example, the number 8 is changed to number 3 or 5, etc., which may use a different method of collation. And there is a correction of invalid 2D barcode. And enter the correct barcode (That is not of the lottery division) instead

All this Believe that those who buy the government lottery know well As long as you have an intensive investigation, it will not be missed. As for anyone who is thinking of initiating or wishing to get rich in a shortcut The author warns you not to do it. It’s not worth it