Brother X’s lucky draw be real?

Brother X’s lucky draw be real?

So must Brother X’s lucky draw be real? In the process of browsing Brother X’s Weibo, the reporter found that he had deleted some of the original lottery microblogs, so it could not be confirmed with the screening conditions of the public links. On the Weibo false activity exposure platform, the reporter found an announcement to deal with it. In March 2018, the Weibo account was banned due to no prizes or illegal deletion of Weibo due to no prizes being issued.

Regardless of true or false, the effect of adding powder in this way is really immediate. According to statistics from reporters, counting from the release date of the first Weibo, a Weibo with more than 10,000 reposts and likes appeared in less than a month. By August 2018, the number of fans had exceeded 2.5 million. As of January 28, 2019, this is already a large with 3.8 million fans, 1.086 million reposts, 526,000 comments and 640,000 likes.

In the early years, Brother X made his own money alone, but the reporter found that since 2018, he has started to publish the “Follow me and @XX at the same time” lottery. According to incomplete statistics, from May 2018 to January 26 this year, there have been about 30 lottery draws of common concern, with an average of 3.6 per month. During the peak period, nine lottery draws of common concern were launched in one month. And the interesting thing is that although Brother X asked everyone to follow these accounts, he himself has never followed them.

A brand marketer told reporters that, like this kind of joint attention lottery, there are two parties who have reached a cooperation plan to increase mutual fans, and some low-fan bloggers want to borrow accounts to attract fans. “In the latter case, the number and quality of fans are both considerations. It’s just a rough repost to increase fans, and the price is about several thousand to ten or twenty thousand.

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