Magadan, who did not guess a single number, won 2.3 million rubles in the lottery

A resident of Magadan won a super prize of 2.3 million rubles in the lottery, without having guessed a single number from the ticket, MagadanMedia writes on September 3 .

It is noted that the man participated in a quick lottery that runs every 15 minutes. Its essence is to guess 12 numbers from one to 24. At the same time, a super prize can also go to someone who manages not to guess a single number.

Lucky bought his lottery ticket for only 60 rubles, REN TV notes .

In June, it was reported that in the US, a man won a $ 1 million lottery jackpot on his birthday .

A resident of Irkutsk won more than 3.5 million rubles in the lottery

A resident of Irkutsk, having bought a lottery ticket for 40 rubles, won more than 3.5 million rubles. He managed to guess all the numbers in the first field of the ticket.

According to IrkutskMedia news agency , in 2018, 19 residents of the Angara region became lottery millionaires. The region’s record in this area was recorded in July last year – the lucky one received more than 8 million rubles.

On September 3, it was reported that a resident of Magadan managed to win a super prize of 2.3 million rubles in the lottery. However, he did not guess a single digit .

Canadian wins $ 3.8 million in national lottery

A resident of the Canadian province of Ontario will receive a prize of the national lottery “6 of 49” in the amount of 5 million Canadian dollars ($ 3.8 million). This was reported by representatives of the company OLG , which organized the draw, on Sunday, September 8.

The winning numbers were 25, 28, 37, 38, 42 and 48, the lottery bonus number was 34. It is noted that one of the owners of the winning ticket bought it in Ontario. A ticket was bought there, winning a consolation prize of CAD 1 million ($ 760 thousand).

According to the rules of the game, the winner of the ticket must present it to the organizers, and his name will become known to the general public.

Earlier, on September 4, a resident of Irkutsk, who bought a lottery ticket, won more than 3.5 million rubles.

Singaporean found a winning lottery ticket and refused money

A resident of Singapore refused a winning lottery ticket, which he took by mistake.

According to AsiaOne , a 63-year-old businessman named Yang bought a lottery ticket on October 5 and entered the numbers in it. When the man left, he mistakenly grabbed two tickets from the counter instead of one.

Only after some time the man noticed that he had taken a ticket that did not belong to him. It was he who turned out to be happy, the amount of winnings amounted to 5 thousand Singapore dollars (234 thousand rubles). However, Jan decided that he would not take the money, but would find a real winner.

In an attempt to return the ticket on Monday, October 7, the man visited the head office of Singapore Pools, as well as the police station. However, while he could not find the owner of the ticket.

On October 9, it was reported that a resident of the UK won £ 170 million (€ 190 million) in the EuroMillions lottery and won the largest jackpot in the country. The winner managed to guess five main numbers and two “lucky stars”.

The Irishman almost threw out a lottery ticket with a win of € 500 thousand.

A resident of Ireland almost threw a lottery ticket with a gain of € 500 thousand into the trash. Dublin Live reported this .

The man and his daughter decided to take part in the EuroMillions draw. He hid the purchased ticket in his wallet and forgot about it. Later, from a random person, he learned that the Briton got the biggest win.

An upset man decided to throw away the ticket, but later still decided to check it. It turned out that he is the lucky winner of the main prize of the lottery.

“I immediately called my wife. She left work early, and together we checked the winning combination. All numbers, of course, coincided! ” He shared.

At the moment, the man has not yet decided what his family will spend the win on.

On October 14, it became known that a resident of Singapore refused a winning lottery ticket , which he took by mistake.

Canadian resident wins national lottery jackpot

The Canadian won the jackpot of the national lottery Lotto Max, which amounted to $ 24.5 million (32 million Canadian dollars). This was announced on October 19 by REN TV with reference to the statement of the OLG company conducting the rally.

At the moment, the only thing that is known about the owner of the lucky ticket is that he bought it in the province of Quebec. According to the rules of the national Canadian lotteries, the winner must present a ticket to the organizers, and his name should be made public.

It is noted that not one of the six “comforting” prizes in the amount of $ 760 thousand was won.

On October 17, it became known that a resident of Ireland almost threw out a lottery ticket with a win of € 500 thousand.