Two Canadians Win $ 3.8 Million in National Lottery

Two residents of Canada became the winners of the national lottery “6 of 49” and will divide among themselves a prize of $ 5 million Canadian dollars ($ 3.8 million). This was reported on the website of the organizer of the draw company OLG on Sunday, October 20.

The winning combination was the combination of numbers 2, 16, 28, 47, 48 and 49, as well as the bonus number 35.

It is known that one of the winners lives in the province of Quebec. The consolation prize in the amount of 1 million Canadian dollars ($ 760 thousand) was a resident of the region in the west of the country.

Earlier, on October 19, the Canadian won $ 32 million Canadian dollars ($ 24.5 million) in the national Lotto Max lottery.

Where the money goes: the Russians did not take away wins in the lottery for 3 billion

The Russians did not claim winnings in the lottery by almost 3 billion rubles. Such calculations based on their data specially for Izvestia were prepared by the ticket distribution operator Stoloto. We are talking about funds for which the three-year limitation period has not expired. During this time, funds are stored in a special account, and then sent to the budget. People don’t come for a win because they lose tickets, the company explained. But sociologists and psychologists believe that, relying on a big jackpot, the Russians are simply disappointed when the victory is converted into a small monetary equivalent. The lion’s share of unclaimed winnings account for less than 150 rubles.

Do not have a hundred rubles

The Stoloto statistics show that today the amount of unclaimed winnings of the all-Russian state lotteries is 2.8 billion rubles. This is accumulated funds, since the period for converting a ticket into a monetary amount is limited. As the company explained, winnings are considered unclaimed, for which the winner did not apply for six months from the date of the draw. After this period, funds are credited to a special account, where they are stored for another three years. Until this statute of limitations has expired, the winner can still apply for money if he had a good reason (illness, departure, etc.) and can prove it documented.

As told “Izvestia” in “Stoloto”, the largest unclaimed was the gain in the amount of 10 million rubles. The winner never showed up. But the overwhelming majority (91.1%) falls on amounts less than 150 rubles, that is, comparable to the cost of a lottery ticket. The share of winnings up to 999 rubles – 8.7%, for the amount of more than 1 thousand rubles – less than 1%. Many people simply lose paper tickets, explained in Stoloto the reasons why winners do not come for money. However, sociologists and psychologists believe that the matter is different.

Big loss

According to psychologist Olga Maximova, when citizens buy a lottery ticket, they expect to win to the maximum.

– With the acquisition of this piece of paper, people are already beginning to distribute funds to achieve certain material and not only goals. Therefore, a small gain is perceived as a slap in the face. They are disappointed. And they perceive this small gain as a big loss, ”says the psychologist.

The head of the Center for Social Design, Alexey Firsov, has a similar opinion.

– Why do people even play lotteries? They are driven by faith in miracles. And a small gain is a mockery of a miracle. I could have won a million, but I didn’t guess one figure and you get orders of magnitude less, ”the sociologist emphasized.

In addition, he noted, the symbolic weight of money in each social group is different. Where 100 rubles is a significant amount, any winnings will be treated more carefully.

Russians talked about spending in case of winning $ 1 million

– Money for the average person is an opportunity to maintain a cyclical lifestyle. If the amount does not affect this image, then what’s the point? And if it does, do I have to risk it in the game? – reflects Alexey Firsov.

Psychologist Olga Maximova also notes that people have different attitudes to money.

– If for residents of some regions 100–150 rubles is a decent amount, then for residents of the capital, for example, residents are less than the cost of a cup of coffee or a two-way trip. I believe that some of the “winners” simply rationally evaluate that they can spend the time spent on getting a win more profitably, ”the psychologist says.

Since 2014, all lotteries in Russia are state-owned, as the organizers are the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Finance. If citizens do not apply for winnings six months after the circulation and three years, while the statute of limitations is valid, then unclaimed money is transferred to the budget. Since the “unclaimed fund” is a variable, it is difficult to say how much of the current 2.8 billion rubles will be received by the state treasury. But, for example, in 2018, when the deadlines expired according to one of the first circulations operating according to the new principle, 148.6 million rubles were transferred to the budget, Izvestia was told in Stoloto.

A resident of Kazakhstan won $ 1 million and did not take the money

Kazakhstani Hussain Eremeshev won $ 1 million (64 million rubles) in the Dubai Duty Free lottery, which is held in the city of Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

As reported on Wednesday, October 23, the Gulf News publication , Yeremeshev bought a winning ticket via the Internet. The organizers of the lottery said that so far they have not been able to contact him.

Also, Kamalasanan Nadar Vasu, an Indian businessman who has been living and working in the UAE for 35 years, won the lottery. He said that he intends to share his winnings with a friend who paid half the cost of the lottery ticket, which cost 1 thousand dirhams (17 thousand rubles).

Earlier in October, it was reported that the amount of unclaimed winnings of the all-Russian state lotteries was 2.8 billion rubles , such figures specifically for Izvestia were named by the ticket distribution operator Stoloto.

UK resident wins $ 135 million lottery

UK builder Steve Thomson wins £ 105 million (over $ 135 million) in the EuroMillions national lottery, Sky News reported on Tuesday, November 26. The draw took place on November 19.

“It seemed to me that I was on the verge of a heart attack,” said Thomson about his emotions when he found out about the win.

42-year-old Steve Thomson is from West Sussex and has three children. His win is the ninth largest in the history of the lottery.

Answering a question about what he plans to spend money on, the man said that his 10-year-old son dreams of a Tesla car, and his 8-year-old daughter asked for a pink iPhone. In addition, the family needs a more spacious house.

“To give each child their own room is a big deal,” he said.

October 9, another resident of Great Britain won £ 170 million (€ 190 million) in the EuroMillions and became the owner of the largest jackpot in the country.

A lottery ticket won in Canada with a win of $ 6.8 million

In Canada, they won a lottery ticket in the amount of 9 million Canadian dollars ($ 6.8 million). This was reported on the website of the company OLG , which holds the rally.

The winners were the owners of numbers 9, 12, 17, 23, 41 and 44. The bonus number is 3. According to TASS in the company, the winner of the lottery was a resident of the Canadian province of Quebec.

A consolation prize of Canadian $ 1 million ($ 760 thousand) was also raffled. The winner’s ticket was sold in Ontario.

It is noted that according to the rules of the “6 out of 49” lottery, the lottery winners must be provided with a ticket to collect the prize. The name of the lucky one is made public.

In November, it was reported that UK builder Steve Thomson won £ 105 million (over $ 135 million) in the EuroMillions national lottery . His win is the ninth largest in the history of the lottery.

Father and daughter in the United States lied about winning the lottery and became millionaires

Father and daughter were accused of fraud in the United States because they lied about participating in lotteries and received tax deductions for allegedly won money. This was reported by The Sun-Sentinel .

Florida resident Kenneth Roger Edmonson and his daughter Daniel Tequila Edmonson began registering fake tax returns in 2015. According to preliminary data, in total they demanded to pay them $ 175 million.

They were able to get $ 3.4 million from the Internal Revenue Service, but it later turned out that they had never won the lottery, and the Palm Beach Federal Court accused them of fraud.

At first, they declared their immunity, Daniel stated that she was supposedly a “native Moorish American” and would not obey the authorities. Also, the woman demanded monetary compensation for the unfair imprisonment.

Now attackers face more than 20 years in prison on two charges: for fraud and the provision of knowingly false documents.

On June 21, it was reported that a resident of South Carolina won the $ 1 million lottery jackpot . The win was on the lucky birthday.