Complete data records, keeping track of activity trends at any time of lottery

Complete data records, keeping track of activity trends at any time of lottery

Complete data records, keeping track of activity trends at any time

Renrenxiu provides a background query function for the details of the award, which allows you to clearly see the whereabouts of each prize and achieve real-time monitoring of the activity . Monitoring content includes:

Activity data : activity name, number of participants, number of winners, number of prize winners, total number of prizes, remaining prizes, activity start time, end time, activity status

List of prizes : prize name, total number of prizes, remaining quantity, probability of winning

Winning list : prizes, winning time, WeChat nickname, WeChat avatar, custom fill-in information (including name, contact information, address, etc.), award status

A variety of ways to promote sharing, greatly increasing traffic

Post-sharing lottery : You can only participate in the lottery after sharing, helping the event to spread quickly.

Follow-up lottery : Follow the official account to participate in the lottery through the program function, so that your number of fans will increase significantly.

Sharing gives an extra chance to draw : After sharing the unsuccessful users, they will be given an extra chance to draw. They will take the initiative to share like a drowning person who has grabbed the last straw. Companies can use this to achieve the effect of allowing users to actively promote and spread.

Strictly control the participants and master the order of activities throughout the process

Participate in the activity after registration : 100% user data is obtained, and the registration status of each participant is grasped.

Participate in activities after verification : delineate the scope of participating users, and limit VIP customers to participate in lottery activities at customer thank-you meetings, company annual meetings, and other occasions.

Designated user wins : The default winners guarantee 100% wins for company leaders and VIP customers. Using this function will not affect the normal winning probability of ordinary users.



Application scenarios

Store promotion: Make use of Renrenxiu to make a lucky draw, and post the QR code of the activity in the store, so that users can draw a lottery to achieve the effect of product promotion. Or send promotion links to Renrenxiu activities in WeChat Moments and product sales groups to allow users to participate in lottery games and promote their products.

Official account fans: Make a lottery game on the WeChat official account, hold a WeChat event for fans, and provide fans of the official account with a lottery opportunity, which can maintain fan activity and attract new fans’ attention. Enterprise official accounts can also provide WeChat coupons for their products as prizes, which not only attract fans, but also promote product sales growth.

User feedback: Provide a lottery turntable for old users to give back to old users. On the one hand, the interaction with users is improved in the lottery game, and on the other hand, the old users are given real benefits in the way of lottery. At the same time, if you give out your own product coupons in the lottery, you can also drive sales growth.

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