Create a lottery pool : In the “Live Lottery”

Create a lottery pool : In the “Live Lottery”

On-site lottery
The “Live Lottery” application is a new choice for you to carry out on-site event lottery, and it may even be the best choice. It continues to maintain the advantages of gold data being easy to use and inexpensive. As a third-party tool, it guarantees the fairness of the event .

Free version Paid version
price You need to upgrade to a paid package to purchase ¥299
Can I try Not available for trial Can be tried for 1 day

The free version cannot be tried, and the paid version can be tried for one day.
Apps need to be purchased separately and are not included in the paid version package. Once purchased, they can be used during the package period.
Starting April 30, 2019, users of the free version no longer support individual purchases of apps.
It is recommended that the number of people in the prize pool does not exceed 500. Too many people may affect the fluency of the lottery draw process.
When using the application involves data export, currently only supports less than 2000 data export services. For data export exceeding 2000, please contact online customer service, we will charge an additional service fee according to the situation.
Free trial
After you find the on-site lucky draw in the application center , select “Free Trial” on the left. The trial period is 24 hours. After the trial expires, you will not be able to enter the application. Please purchase it in time.

scenes to be used
Corporate annual meetings, exhibitions, new product launches, weddings, industry summits, entertainment performances, conference training, sports events, etc. The application has the following characteristics:

Simple and beautiful lottery interface, the picture and name of the prizes and the WeChat avatars of participating users are displayed during the lottery
After the lottery draw, you can cancel the draw again, or confirm the winning, in order to deal with various situations on the spot
Switch awards without refreshing the page/lottery, number draw, prize switching, support keyboard shortcuts
You can check the winning record and redeem prizes in the background
The name of the prize displayed in the lottery / the number of remaining prizes displayed in real time
Multiple draws can be drawn at one time (up to 30 people) / the qualification of the winner can be cancelled. After cancellation, the prizes can continue to draw.
After the end of the lottery, the number of prize pools will be automatically reduced
Create a lottery pool : In the “Live Lottery” application, the database of the form is the lottery pool. Creating the form and filling in the data is the first step. You can make an annual meeting statistics table for employees to fill in, or you can import an employee roster through Excel to complete the establishment of the lottery pool.Note: There must be name and mobile phone number fields in the form, and set them as required. The avatar of the lottery winner is obtained through WeChat, so you can set the form to “Open only in WeChat” and turn on “Collect user’s WeChat public information”

Set prizes : set each application’s prize (X-class prize), prize name, quantity, and picture. Currently, up to 15one prize can be set in the application . And to switch prizes on the lottery page, just click on the picture, no need to refresh the page.

Open the lucky draw page, project it on the big screen, complete the lucky draw, get it done~

From now on, get a live raffle just three steps, you can also set the hidden data lottery application form at the bottom gold logo , oh.

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