Daily Lotto Lottery Results For South Africa July 14, 2021 – Winning Numbers

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Lotto – Daily Lotto Results Prize Breakdown

Daily Lotto Results 4 July 2021, Sunday

2021/07/04 8 16 22 25 26 16 Power Ball
2021/07/01 4 17 27 35 40 4 Power Ball
2021/06/29 5 25 26 34 39 17 Power Ball
2021/06/27 11 20 21 31 36 5 Power Ball
2021/06/24 2 6 28 33 39 1 Power Ball
2021/06/22 1 4 11 39 41 8 Power Ball
2021/06/20 8 29 34 40 43 16 Power Ball
2021/06/17 5 11 28 39 40 20 Power Ball
2021/06/15 11 17 18 19 36 7 Power Ball
2021/06/13 8 9 19 29 41 3 Power Ball
2021/06/10 1 12 27 28 36 7 Power Ball
2021/06/08 3 9 12 26 45 11 Power Ball
2021/06/06 5 15 18 31 40 17 Power Ball
2021/06/03 6 23 29 35 36 6 Power Ball
2021/06/01 1 16 18 29 30 9 Power Ball
2021/05/30 17 18 25 37 42 19 Power Ball


Chances to win Lotto – Daily Lotto Results

Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 Prize 5+1Nº Chance 1:19,068,840
2 Prize 5 1:2,118,760
3 Prize 4+1Nº Chance 1:86,676
4 Prize 4 1:9,631
5 Prize 3+1Nº Chance 1:2,015
6 Prize 3 1:224
7 Prize 2+1Nº Chance 1:144
8 Prize 2 1:16
9 Prize 1+1Nº Chance 1:28
10 Prize 0+1Nº Chance 1:18


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Daily Lotto Results for Today

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Daily Lotto Result 5.6.2021

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Daily Lotto Result 5.6.2021
Daily Lotto Results name Daily Lotto
draw date 5.6.2021
draw name Daily Lotto
result time Monday 20:35, Wednesday 20:35, Saturday 20:35
country name Lotto
result status published

Daily Lotto Results Live Today

Daily Lotto Results 6.7.2021 Live Monday 20:35, Wednesday 20:35, Saturday 20:35 Winning Daily Lotto Results Numbers, List, PDF, Video  : Daily Lotto Results Draw Winner List Name Wise, Lottery Ticket No Wise,   Daily Lotto Draw , Results, Live, Video  : Daily Lotto Results Live at 20:35 on the official website released on 6.7.2021. We have updated here the result of Daily Lotto 6.7.2021 Jackpot Winning Daily Lotto Results Number List.

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Daily Lotto Old Results

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How to check Daily Lotto Results for 6.7.2021?

If you have purchased Daily Lotto 6.7.2021  Lottery  Ticket and want to check the   Daily Lotto Winner List . But if you are unaware of the process of checking the Daily Lotto Lucky Draw Winner List, then here we are telling you about the Fastest and simple process of checking Daily Lotto Results. You can follow the below-given step-by-step guide and check the  Daily Lotto Results 6.7.2021 Live.

Participants can check the results of the Daily Lotto Result by following these steps:

Step 1:  Visit the Daily Lotto Official website.

Step 2:  Scan for Daily Lotto Result 6.7.2021 Lottery and click on the button.

Step 3:  A new page will open on which the results of the Daily Lotto will be displayed.

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