Double blast! 3 years ago the person won 7 crore rupees, then won 

Double blast! 3 years ago the person won 7 crore rupees, then won 

New York:
 There are many people in the world on whom luck is too much. In lotteries, one gets a big amount only by luck, but if a person gets lotteries worth crores 2-2 times within a few years, then what will you say? In Florida, America, fate has been kind to a person. 3 years ago, a person named Munib Garvanovic won the lottery of $ 1 million (about Rs 7.3 crore), and now again this person has won the lottery of $ 5 million (about Rs 37 crore)..

‘Always used to buy tickets from the same store’

According to reports, Munib Garvanovic, a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, had bought some lottery tickets from a store. Munib told that he always used to buy tickets from this store. He told that I used to play my favorite sketch of games every November because I feel that during this time luck is very kind to me. He said, ‘This is the second time in 3 years that this store has made me a winner.’ Let us tell you that the lottery ticket that Munib had bought was worth $ 20 or about 1500 rupees.

‘Store also got huge commission’
Munib had won a whopping amount of $5 million or Rs 37 crore on this ticket . Munib’s winning the lottery benefited not only him, but also the store from where he always used to buy tickets. According to reports, the Gate store from where Munib had bought the scratch-off ticket has also received $10000 or around Rs 7.5 lakh as commission. In this way, Munib turned out to be rich in luck, but along with him, the fortunes of Gate Store also shone.

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