draw a lottery to engage in “inclusive finance”?

draw a lottery to engage in “inclusive finance

The reporter couldn’t help but wonder, could it be that there is a mine at home, and there is no other way but to draw a lottery to engage in “inclusive finance”?

Out of curiosity, the reporter decided to take a good look at the number “X brother”. The account was registered in 2016, and the first Weibo was published in July 2017. For a month thereafter, one “thing to do every day is to send money” was published almost every day. However, because there was no announcement of the winning, it is impossible to verify whether it was issued or how much it was issued. In mid-August 2017, the first lottery information that was announced on the Weibo lottery platform appeared. According to the statistics of reporters, during the first three months from August to October 2017, X brothers recorded about 30 lottery activities on the Weibo lottery platform, spending a total of nearly 32,000 yuan in cash, giving out each of Iphone 8P and Iphone X. One.

The reasons for its activities are varied, including but not limited to:

I feel a bit annoying lately and send money;

Unhappy today, send money;

Everyone may be short of pocket money when school starts;

Today, Dad gave me pocket money, give me money;

Lao Tie said that he was short of money recently and issued money;

It’s almost Qixi Festival, National Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival…;

Send money, send money, send money…

Of course, there is the most hardcore one–you don’t need a reason to send money, brother just sends money every day!

Although Brother X sent money himself, he reminded everyone to be careful of being deceived when he saw the account that sent the money in a message on Weibo. Everyone is a lottery to give money, why does he conclude that others are a liar? In this regard, Brother X’s explanation is to look at the number of fans, and most of those who have fewer fans are liars. What are you cheating on? Mostly it is deceiving attention.

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