Experts warned of increased activity of fake online lotteries

Experts at Infosecurity a Softline Company have recorded a new wave of fraud related to the activities of online lotteries. As noted in the press release, which came at the disposal of Izvestia on January 24, this happened after the announcement of the billionth prize in January 2020.

“In the first weeks of 2020, the ETHIC cyber threat detection service from Infosecurity a Softline Company recorded the appearance of dozens of new resources under the general banner“ All-Russian Official Lottery Russian Lotto ”. Most of the identified sites are located in the .ICU domain zone, the name of which is read as “i see you”, “the company said.

Experts say that the Internet is flooded with fake lottery sites, supposedly ready to play more than 2 billion rubles. Advertising of such portals and attraction of potential victims is carried out through mass spam e-mails.

According to Igor Sergienko, Deputy Director General of Infosecurity, the idea of ​​deceiving citizens under the guise of holding a lottery is not new, but now attackers have taken it to a whole new level. Balls with numbers are spinning in the lottery drum, each visitor is given an individual lottery ticket, which is filled right before our eyes. There is a window on the page that imitates the live communication of the participants. At the end of the “draw”, participants are asked to enter their bank card details in order to pay a non-existent fee and receive an imaginary win.

The details of the fictitious organization Rusloto + JSC are indicated on the scammers’ website. To communicate with customers, the email address registered in the secure mail service is used , which is very popular among attackers.

Infosecurity experts recommend that you do not click on the links from the messages about the allegedly relying winnings and do not leave your personal data, bank card information on sites that offer raffles. “It is also necessary to remember that the activity of online lotteries in the Russian Federation is prohibited by the Federal Law“ On Lotteries ”dated 11.11.2003,” the press service of the word Sergienko quotes.

In early January, it became known that a resident of the Moscow region, Nadezhda Bartosh, won 1 billion rubles in the lottery. The drawing took place on New Year’s Eve . She received the “happy ticket” as a gift from her daughter.