Falling into a trap, consumers lottery have a hard time saying

Falling into a trap, consumers lottery have a hard time saying

The experience of a netizen was quite similar to Lin Ning. On the page of a WeChat lottery mini program, the consumer conducted a lottery, and then a 2,600 yuan smart robot coupon popped up, and the beloved consumer immediately placed an order.

However, after the goods were sent, the consumer found that the quality of the goods was defective, which was not genuine. For sweeping robots purchased through coupons, no relevant information can be found on the brand’s official website. Subsequently, the consumer dialed the merchant’s after-sales call, but did not receive any response.

Recently, Ms. Huang, who lives in Changping District, Beijing, won a 1,800 yuan cosmetics coupon in the lottery process. After receiving the goods after payment, Ms. Huang realized that she was fooled. According to Ms. Huang, the product is a three-no product without the name, address and contact information. The official answer to  is that you can only find a merchant. In the transaction information, the merchant did not leave any contact information or detailed information.

The reporter saw on the website of the complaint platform that a coupon for a sweeping robot was drawn from . The payment of 380 yuan showed that there was only one SF Express tracking number after the transaction was successful, but the product information was not found. The call was the robot customer service and refunded. There is no entrance… There are numerous complaints about lottery promotions, merchants failing to deliver goods or consumers discovering fake goods after delivery, and winning traps such as merchants claiming that the goods will not be returned 7 days after delivery, causing consumers to have misfortunes. .

Rights protection is not easy, it is best to keep your eyes open

According to Wang , a lawyer at Beijing  Law Firm, home appliances, cosmetics, and health care products have always been the hardest hit areas for counterfeit and shoddy products. Some merchants use the online lottery model to induce consumers to buy such products by winning prizes and coupons. In essence, they use consumers’ greedy psychology to induce consumers to pay for fake and inferior products with huge price differences.

“If consumers have doubts about the quality of the product, they can first contact the seller to apply for a return and exchange; secondly, call the quality supervision phone and the consumer hotline to seek formal channels for help. If it fails, and feels that they have suffered a greater loss, they can use legal means to further protect their rights. “Wang  said.

Chen , a professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, told reporters that at present, there are various lottery platforms on the Internet. Many businesses use the lottery as the name to allow consumers to obtain so-called coupons and lure them to buy fake and shoddy products. If consumers do not have the ability to identify, they are easily deceived. The rights protection cycle after the event is often relatively long. If the loss is not large, most consumers will eventually give up.

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