Father and daughter in the United States lied about winning the lottery and became millionaires

Father and daughter were accused of fraud in the United States because they lied about participating in lotteries and received tax deductions for allegedly won money. This was reported by The Sun-Sentinel .

Florida resident Kenneth Roger Edmonson and his daughter Daniel Tequila Edmonson began registering fake tax returns in 2015. According to preliminary data, in total they demanded to pay them $ 175 million.

They were able to get $ 3.4 million from the Internal Revenue Service, but it later turned out that they had never won the lottery, and the Palm Beach Federal Court accused them of fraud.

At first, they declared their immunity, Daniel stated that she was supposedly a “native Moorish American” and would not obey the authorities. Also, the woman demanded monetary compensation for the unfair imprisonment.

Now attackers face more than 20 years in prison on two charges: for fraud and the provision of knowingly false documents.

On June 21, it was reported that a resident of South Carolina won the $ 1 million lottery jackpot . The win was on the lucky birthday.