Features of the lucky draw of lottery game

Features of the lucky draw of lottery game

Lottery is the most popular, the most common, the effect of the most prominent one way of marketing a million fans of the big V account held by lottery, you can get more than 10 million for forwarding the growth of tens of thousands of new fans. Lottery draws are also one of the marketing methods with the highest return on investment . A successful lottery draw can make the organizer of the event a lot of money.

However, when holding online sweepstakes, there are two concerns that any business must consider clearly:

Safety : Lottery activities involve a lot of prizes, money and business interests, so the safety of activities is very important. The most feared thing about online lottery draws is that the “Wool Party” will honour the prizes before the event is spread, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of the spread.

Reliable : A sweepstakes event usually lasts about 1 week. Thousands or even tens of thousands of users are involved. Therefore, it will become a complicated matter to accurately record relevant data such as whether each participant has won a prize, what prize he won, when he won the prize, contact information, and how to receive the prize. The confusion of the prize records affects not only a lottery, but also the reputation and word-of-mouth of the company.


Features of the lucky draw

First: Lottery draws are applicable to richer event scenarios. Whether it is an event for general event marketing, or when it is used to attract fans or give back to new and old customers on anniversaries, it can play a very good role. After all, the benefits are Stimulus still has a considerable impact.

Second: The way of lottery draws can be freely controlled in the setting of prizes. The prizes can be different physical prizes or various lottery tickets, which are rich in forms and highly attractive.

Third: The way of lottery saves costs for merchants to a certain extent. The probability of winning, the time of the event, and the way of receiving the prize can be set freely, making the event easier to control.

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