How do I know if I have won a lottery prize?

How do I know if I have won a lottery prize?

Each “prospective winner” will receive an email notification approximately 7 to 14 days after the draw date.
If any “prospective winner” does not accept the prize, violates any “official rules” or does not meet the qualifications, his qualification will be disqualified, and Lego will not alternate the winner.

To obtain the list of winners, please send an email to and indicate the month of the draw.

6. General conditions

Although the lottery is held in Denmark and is subject to Danish law, it is open to residents from all over the world to participate.

The LEGO Group reserves the right to change or end the investigation when necessary.

If any individual is found to interfere with the participation procedures or operations of the lottery, or its behavior violates these “Official Rules” or violates the spirit of sportsmanship or acts in a destructive manner, the LEGO Group reserves the right to disqualify it at its sole discretion.

It is prohibited to use any equipment or computer software program to automate the questionnaire submission process.

The LEGO Group is not responsible for the following: any incorrect or inaccurate data input; human error; printing or transcription errors; technical failures; any mistakes or omissions in the telephone network, computer connection system, computer equipment, server, provider or software , Interruption, deletion, or defect, including any injury or damage to the participant’s computer or any other person’s computer caused by or related to the participation in the sweepstakes; the inability to access any website, steal, interfere, destroy or Unauthorized access or modification of input information; delays or incorrect processing or incomplete or missing transaction operations due to computer or electronic failures or traffic jams on the Internet or any website or printing or other errors.

Participants participating in the lottery show that they agree to publish their name and town of residence in the list of winners in accordance with this “Official Rules”.

All submitted questionnaires will become the property of the LEGO Group and will not be returned. False and/or deceptive questionnaires or behaviors will disqualify participants. Any information collected by registering to participate in the sweepstakes will only be used for the purpose of complying with this “Official Sweepstakes Rules” and the LEGO Group’s “Privacy Policy”, you can read the details on .

Participants participating in the lottery show that they agree to accept these “Official Rules” and the LEGO Group’s decision. All decisions of the LEGO Group are final and binding on all matters related to this promotion.

Data protection

Participants’ personal data will only be used for the lucky draw, unless otherwise specified and your consent has been obtained.

To participate in the sweepstakes, you need to provide the following information:
– your name
– your email address

By participating in the lottery and filling out the questionnaire, you are expressly agreeing to the LEGO Group’s retention and use of your personal data in accordance with its “Privacy Policy”. To learn more about the “Privacy Policy.

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