In 2019, almost 800 Russians became lottery millionaires

In 2019, Russian residents won over 26 billion rubles in the lottery. RIA Novosti was told about this in the press service of the distributor of state lotteries Stoloto. Last year, 790 people became lottery millionaires.

Where the money goes: the Russians did not take away wins in the lottery for 3 billion
The main reasons are distraction and frustration from an extremely modest victory.

It is noted that the number of winnings increased by 27.4%. In 2018, it amounted to 20.8 billion rubles, and in 2019 exceeded 26.5 billion rubles. Stoloto specified that total revenue from lottery sales last year increased by 21% to 57.9 billion rubles. The company also notes an increase in ticket sales in online channels, where it receives 44.5% of revenue. In 2018, it amounted to 39.8%.

Target payments to the Russian budget from lottery activities in 2019 amounted to 2.7 billion rubles, and all thanks to state lotteries, the budget replenished by 13.3 billion rubles, writes RT .

Thanks to lottery winnings in 2019, millionaires in Russia increased by 790 people: they became winners from 1 million rubles. Stoloto recalled that two residents of Russia received record amounts of 500 million rubles last year, notes the NSN . In 2020, a resident of the Moscow region broke this record, who won 1 billion rubles following the results of the New Year’s run of Russian Lotto, reports .

On January 10, a woman spoke about the emotions of victory and how she plans to spend money . According to her, she does not feel herself a billionaire at all. She was informed about the win by her daughter, who had a ticket for almost all New Year holidays in her car. She plans to spend the win rationally and rationally – part on the development of her business, part on charity.

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