Information about the lottery

Information about the lottery

Information about the lottery

The gross value of the pension union’s 50th anniversary lottery is EUR 1,000,000. There are 200,000 lotteries, with a total of 40,080 winnings.

The proceeds of the lottery will be used to develop civic activities in the Pension Association that promote the well-being of the elderly.

The lottery will be held with the permission of the Police Board under number RA / 2019/684. At the same time, the Police Board has also confirmed the list of profits. The mixing of profits has been supervised at Tampereen Tamset Oy by a representative of the Inland Finland Police Department.

Winnings must be redeemed no later than September 30, 2020, after which they will be deemed donated to the organizer of the lottery.

Winning list

  • 1 pc Passenger car Skoda Octavia
  • 2 pcs Travel around the world, value á 4100 €
  • 7 Spa holidays
  • 30 pcs Holiday week
  • 20 Jopo bicycles
  • 20 pcs Television 45 “
  • 100 pcs 2-day holiday package
  • 100 pcs TomTom Navigator
  • 100 pcs Blood pressure monitor Omron
  • 100 pcs Clock radio Sony
  • 100 pcs Plafond Led ceiling light
  • 600 Fiskars scissors
  • 1800 pcs Nail care tools
  • 8100 pcs CD “Golden Years” domestic
  • 9100 pcs CD “Golden Years” foreign
  • 10,000 pcs Descaler 2 pcs
  • 10,000 Playing Cards

Total winnings: 40,080 pcs

Total value of winnings: € 390,730.27

Redemption of lotteries is entirely voluntary

The redemption of the Pension Union’s 50th anniversary draws is entirely voluntary. If you decide not to redeem the lottery, you can return it to the address shown on the cover

Pension Association
PO Box 103

In this case, the lotteries are taken for further processing and resold. Lotteries can also be handed over to your own association for sale (if possible). It is also possible to destroy the scars by tearing them in half.

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