Kerala lottery result today 1.10.2020 Draw for Sunday

Kerala state lottery 1.10.2020 Draw for Sunday

The  winners of the five main numbers and the refund get the highest prize . Those who match five, four, three or two numbers are also lucky, the highest prize being if they also have the refund. Matching only the key number entitles you to a refund of the bet money.

The   Kerala state lottery Sunday . Each bet costs 1.5 euros and consists of selecting five different numbers between 1 and 54 of the first matrix (forecasts), and one between 0 and 9 of the second matrix (key number or refund).

Kerala Lottery Result Today
Kerala Lottery Result Live Today 26.9.20
Lottery Name Kerala Lottery
Draw Code AK 465
Draw Name Akshaya
First Prize Rs. 70,00,000
Result date 30.9.2020
Result Time 3 to 4 PM
Result Status Published

Kerala state lottery

Additionally, multiple bets of up to 11 numbers can be made. A single bet cannot win more than one prize, but different bets on a ticket can win multiple prizes.


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The coupons that coincide with the winner of the main prize in its five figures have been awarded with 20,000 euros. Those with the same last four figures, with 200 euros; those of the last three, with 30 euros; those of the last two, with 4 euros, and those of the last figure, with 2 euros.

Kerala state lottery morning today

The ONCE Kerala state lottery raffles are held every Saturday and every Sunday. On Friday the Kerala state lottery is raffled, with a prize of 9 million euros to the five figures and the series. And from Monday to Thursday, the daily coupon, endowed with 35,000 euros and a payment of 36,000 euros a year for 25 years to the lucky series.

The  National Lottery is one of the most popular games of chance in Spain , with almost three centuries of tradition. The first drawing was held on December 10, 1763.

The minimum document to participate is the tenth. A banknote is 10 tenths of the same number and series. The fraction identifies each of the 10 tenths of the same bill.

Kerala state lottery history

The National Lottery is drawn every Thursday and Saturday. In addition, there are several extraordinary draws such as the  Christmas Lottery  and the  Children’s Lottery , which are held on December 22 and January 6, respectively.

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