Lottery Game feedback surveys and sweepstakes

Lottert Game feedback surveys and sweepstakes

1. Can I participate?

All adults (as defined by applicable laws in their place of residence) can participate in “LEGO® Product Feedback Surveys and Sweepstakes” unless prohibited by law.
Children under the legal age who wish to participate in this activity can ask adults to answer questions on their own behalf.
Employees (and their immediate family members or family members) of the companies, affiliates and subsidiaries of the LEGO Group are not allowed to participate in this activity.

2. How to participate?

To participate in the event, please enter the URL found at the end of the LEGO® “Building Instructions” and complete the survey on your LEGO set building experience.
We will select “prospective winners” every month. We will contact the winners via the email address entered at the end of the survey.
Only questionnaires filled out in the past calendar month can participate in the lucky draw.
The questionnaire must be received before midnight on the last day of the calendar month, otherwise it will be included in the next month’s lucky draw.
Each product number can only participate in the lucky draw once. Except for the first questionnaire, the rest of the questionnaires will be invalidated.
False or deceptive questionnaires or behaviors will disqualify participants.
Those who ignore these “Official Rules” may disqualify participants.
All submitted questionnaires will become the property of the LEGO Group.
The LEGO Group reserves the right to suspend the “product feedback survey” (hereinafter referred to as the “survey”) and the “product feedback survey lucky draw” (hereinafter referred to as the “lottery”) at any time without notice.

3. What are the prizes?

We give out Lego sets every month with a value of approximately US$80/€60/RMB 420.
We will select one “prospective winner” out of every 1,000 completed questionnaires every month.
The LEGO Group will contact the “prospective winners” via email to collect address information in order to send LEGO sets to the winners.
We will select prizes based on the type of Lego set in the questionnaire and the age of the winner.

Prizes are not transferable and cannot be replaced by cash.

Unless otherwise stated, the winners are responsible for all taxes, fees and other expenses incurred by the prizes.

4. How to win awards?

We will randomly select the “prospective winners” from all the qualified questionnaires we receive.
The odds of winning are about 1:1000. The specific number depends on the number of qualified questionnaires received during each draw period.

“Awarded prospective winners” need to complete and return the “Qualification Affidavit”, “Responsibility Exemption Letter”, and “Promotion Authorization Letter” before they can officially become the winners.
Those who fail to return the “Affidavit” within ten days in accordance with the “Official Rules” will lose their eligibility for the award.

Any “prospective winner” living in Canada must also answer an arithmetic question correctly before they can officially win the prize.

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