Manasit” gives a lucky number that you like to buy lightly, but against the lottery in hand

Not close yet. Government lottery But the Luk Thung singer, the lottery, like Monsit Kham Soi, came out to hint the lucky numbers soon again for this period on March 16, but this event says that the fans Those who like to gamble may have to spend a bit on buying.

Which manasit posted a message that “Buy softly in this installment Please use your discretion when viewing. Gambling has never made anyone rich. Only lucky people get the prize. My favorite number 295 -51 ”

Although the mantrasit says that this period is bought lightly But in the hand, it is full of many lotteries, which the fans also admire that it is cute because it shows before every lottery draw like this is definitely transparent.

Plus, Monsit is also kind. Anyone comment asking what? Manasit answered all about the lucky number bought in this period.

Every singer got a field other people’s bad luck, it ‘s good the lucky winning lottery frequently for Sunaree Ratchasima one period earlier Sunaree even scream ever when the lotteries were examined and found. Won the grand prize, the 5th prize, amount 2 tickets

And the latest installment on March 16, which corresponds to Sunari’s birthday as well The person has shown the lottery bought in full and has shown the lottery numbers to see that there are lucky numbers , according to the caption of Sunari written that “The government, huh? Please issue to match that .. Sun … buy too …. March 16 .. Birthday dog. This draw.