service advantage Of Lottery Game

service advantage Of Lottery Game

Quick and easy to make

Select the lottery plug-in and add it with one click. Even Xiaobai who doesn’t understand the program at all can quickly complete the production of a WeChat event lucky draw within 1 minute .

There are many tricks, but the gameplay is not repetitive

In addition to the ordinary big turntable lottery, the Renrenxiu lottery plug-in also supports many games such as Jiugongge, Shake, Fruit Machine, Scratch Music, Golden Egg Smashing, Flip Sign, Red Packet Rain, Gacha Machine, Click the button lottery, etc.

There are up to 10 ways to play so that you can play new tricks every time you draw.

Multiple dimensions to prevent prizes

In order to prevent the wool party from causing unnecessary losses to the merchants, Renrenxiu has made multiple protections for the prizes, including:

Identity recognition functions such as device recognition , IP recognition , and WeChat ID recognition;

Limit the number of lottery , the winning number of restrictions , draw geographical restrictions such as limiting function draw.

Note: Part of the anti-swipe function needs to be authorized by WeChat , so it is only open to the enterprise standard version and above. Free users can still use the limit on the number of draws and the number of wins.

A variety of event prizes, suitable for all kinds of events

In-kind award : suitable for WeChat public account to attract fans . The user provides the winning certificate (screenshot, winning mobile phone number or redemption code), and the merchant provides prizes based on the winning certificate.

Redemption coupons : suitable for offline stores, Taobao sellers, wechat merchants and other merchants that have their own merchandise sales channels to attract traffic. The redemption coupon supports sending SMS reminders. After the merchant sends the coupon information, the user will receive the redemption coupon information on the mobile phone.

WeChat red envelopes : suitable for government enterprises, educational institutions, and real estate companies for publicity activities . Directly issue WeChat red envelopes through lottery, and support the function of issuing red envelopes on your own official account.

WeChat Card Coupons : Suitable for companies with their own authentication service number for store drainage. Merchants can create their own WeChat card coupons through Renrenxiu, and users will directly issue them to the WeChat card package after receiving the award.

Third-party awards : suitable for companies that have lottery channels but no promotion channels to hold events. Renrenxiu provides an API interface for third-party awards, which can directly pass the user’s lottery information to the third party, which is convenient for users to use.

Points: suitable for WeChat public account to do continuous activities. Earn points through daily lottery activities and exchange for corresponding prizes in the points mall.

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