Singaporean found a winning lottery ticket and refused money

A resident of Singapore refused a winning lottery ticket, which he took by mistake.

According to AsiaOne , a 63-year-old businessman named Yang bought a lottery ticket on October 5 and entered the numbers in it. When the man left, he mistakenly grabbed two tickets from the counter instead of one.

Only after some time the man noticed that he had taken a ticket that did not belong to him. It was he who turned out to be happy, the amount of winnings amounted to 5 thousand Singapore dollars (234 thousand rubles). However, Jan decided that he would not take the money, but would find a real winner.

In an attempt to return the ticket on Monday, October 7, the man visited the head office of Singapore Pools, as well as the police station. However, while he could not find the owner of the ticket.

On October 9, it was reported that a resident of the UK won £ 170 million (€ 190 million) in the EuroMillions lottery and won the largest jackpot in the country. The winner managed to guess five main numbers and two “lucky stars”.