The product is the main thing in marketing of lottery

The product is the main thing in marketing lottery es

The rules of lotteries and competitions and the criteria for deciding on winnings must be stated in the marketing material in which the lotteries and competitions have been announced. If the lottery is told in such a way that the consumer cannot participate in it immediately (eg on television), there is no need to state detailed rules. However, marketing must make it clear where the rules are available. In addition, they should be clear and easily accessible to consumers.

The marketing material must include the necessary information on lotteries and competitions. The purpose is to guarantee the consumer information about the rules and how, by what action and under what other conditions he can participate in lotteries and competitions and on what grounds the winner will be decided.

The product is the main thing in marketing

Sweepstakes and competitions must not dominate marketing. A product or service promotion campaign cannot be built on lotteries or competitions alone. The consumer must be able to make an informed purchase decision based on the product information. Excessive emphasis in advertising on lottery winnings and chances of winning is inappropriate.

Free lottery

Paid lotteries (eg cash lotteries) are regulated by the Lotteries Act. With a few exceptions, the organization of lotteries is subject to a permit and may only be organized by a non-profit organization domiciled in Finland. The Police Board and police departments act as licensing and supervision authorities.


Minors as a target group for competitions

Children may not be able to evaluate the content of the message used in marketing. Nor are they, like adults, able to understand the rules of marketing lotteries and the probabilities of winning prizes. For these reasons, children cannot be the target group of marketing raffles or competitions in which it is possible to participate by purchasing a product.

The winnings of the marketing lottery for minors must be suitable for the target group. Profit cannot therefore be a product prohibited for minors, such as a film marked K-18 or a console game.
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