The Stoloto announced the honesty of the New Year lottery

The Russian Lotto New Year draw was held in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and without any fraud. This was announced on January 13 by the Stoloto press service.

Lottery boom: Russian Lotto will play a billion rubles
The historical circulation can be seen live on one of the federal channels

Stoloto denies information about dishonest New Year’s drawing of the Russian Lotto lottery, as well as any connection with the winner of the 1316th draw of Russian Lotto Nadezhda Bartosh before the draw. All charges are blatant slander. The company is preparing appeals to judicial and law enforcement agencies to protect business reputation, ”the Izvestia press release said.

The organizers emphasized that the rally was held live, and the kegs with numbers were mixed and pulled out of the bag randomly. Ticket printing is done in third-party printing houses, while using protective measures similar to those used for printing banknotes. Only those tickets that are in the database at the time of closing sales participate in the drawing. It is not possible to print a ticket of an already drawn edition and make changes to the database.

On January 1, it became known that a resident of Moscow won 1 billion rubles in the New Year drawing of the Russian Lotto lottery. In total 53 614 853 tickets participated in the drawing, the winning one was bought in Moscow. This gain was the highest ever in the history of Russian state lotteries. The winner has not yet contacted the organizer.

It was reported that the holder of the winning ticket will receive an amount less 13% income tax, the money will be transferred to the indicated account.

On January 9, winner Nadezhda Bartosh got in touch with the organizers. It turned out that December 31 was her birthday and she received a winning ticket as a gift from her daughter. She also said that as a keepsake of luck, she was going to buy herself some kind of jewelry.

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