The technology industry in the Netherlands is crying out for new people. 

According to ING’s Economics Department, the sector will have 120,000 vacancies over the next twelve years that need to be filled if the tech industry is to continue to play a decisive role in the growth of the Dutch economy.

According to ING, the Netherlands plays a decisive role internationally with companies such as chip machine maker ASML, chip producer NXP and technology group Philips.

The industry, which provides 286,000 jobs, will show 10 percent growth this year. This makes it one of the growth engines of the Dutch economy.

According to the bank, growth could also be significant in the coming years. However, a number of obstacles must be overcome, including filling vacancies.

According to ING, a quarter of companies in the sector are already facing a shortage of skilled personnel, which is an obstacle to activities and thus growth.

The call for highly educated people will only get louder, ING predicts.