There are so many different online lotteries, so be careful after winning

There are so many different online lotteries, so be careful after winning

At present, there are many lottery mini programs and related pages on WeChat, Alipay, Weibo and other online platforms, and coupons for some commodities can be obtained through lottery. However, the reporter learned in recent interviews that some of the so-called lotteries are just disguised sales and marketing, and many of the products purchased by the coupons obtained by the lottery have problems, causing a large number of consumer complaints.

Anyone can win the “Grand Prize”

“I almost bought a sweeping robot worth 2,680 yuan for 380 yuan.” Recently, Lin Ning (pseudonym), who is studying for the second year of graduate school in a university in Beijing, told reporters.

The cause of the incident was this. By chance, Lin Ning discovered a lottery in a WeChat applet. Out of curiosity, she participated in the lottery. “The lottery shows that there are 3 chances a day, the first time I didn’t win, and the second time I won the 2,300 yuan coupon, which made me happy.”

Getting a coupon of 2,300 yuan gave Lin Ning the idea of ​​spending. She clicked “Use Now” on her mobile phone, and a page for buying a certain brand of sweeping robot for 2,680 yuan popped up. After using the 2,300 yuan coupon, you can buy a sweeping robot for only 380 yuan.

Lin Ning learned earlier that the price of general smart sweeping robots is more than 1,000 yuan, and the price of higher-quality sweeping robots is more than 3,000 yuan. Lin Ning was shocked when he thought of the tile floor that always had to be swept every day at home, and buying a robot with an original price of 2,680 yuan for 380 yuan seemed to be a big bargain.

However, Lin Ning will also be suspicious, how could he have such good luck? So, she asked a few students to try the lottery, and they all won the lottery, and they all got 2,300 yuan coupons. Seeing this, Lin Ning understood that this kind of lottery is probably a trap, the purpose is to allow consumers to get coupons to buy this product.

The reporter also tried the lottery in the WeChat applet link sent by Lin Ning. The first time it showed that there was no draw, the second time it showed “Congratulations, you won the second prize! 2300 yuan coupon for smart AI sweeper, limited time Receive it.” It was exactly the same as Lin Ning’s winning situation.

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