There is a lot of discussion about the authenticity of the lottery on the Internet

There is a lot of discussion about the authenticity of the lottery on the Internet

Questioning: Is it true or fake?

I believe that many people will be tempted to try their luck after seeing 5000, 10,000, iPhone, computer and other prizes. Are these all true?

There is a lot of discussion about the authenticity of the lottery on the Internet, and most people say that they don’t believe in lottery activities that have not been registered on the Weibo lottery platform. The restriction of the Weibo lottery platform is that for the activities registered on the platform, there will be a publicity link after the draw, which will display the lottery conditions set by the initiator and the original Weibo of the activity. Fans can report if they find that the sponsor does not draw the prize when the time is up, the prize is not issued, or the draw rules are different. Once the platform finds that the report is true, the promoter’s Weibo account will face varying degrees of punishment, ranging from banning to banning.

But even if it has been filed, these sweepstakes may be fake, especially for accounts that have not many fans. Once a big V is banned for violation, the initial investment may be in vain, so he dare not violate the rules easily. But for some accounts that have just applied for and have a small fan base, even if they are reported, they don’t feel heartache. It’s a big deal to start again. If you are lucky enough to not be reported to the title, then White Wolf can earn a lot of fans without the glove. At the same time, in order to reduce the possibility of being reported, they often delete the publicity link.

It is worth noting that even if there is a public link, there are still many fake draw operations. According to the Weibo false activity exposure platform, the two official WeChat accounts of Konka refrigerator washing machine and Baoqianli Intelligent were drawn more than 180 times from November 14, 2018 to January 16, 2019. As a result, 5851 people and 8138 were blacked out. people. After setting the “follow” condition, the behavior of blocking users in large quantities before the draw, resulting in a large number of users being removed from the following relationship and unable to enter the winning candidate pool and thus unable to win the prize.

In fact, the Weibo lottery fake lottery is okay. At most, it is an empty joy. The most important thing to watch out for is the routine lottery. On Zhihu, a “XX who can’t eat fat” shared her quilt routine experience. According to her account, because she had won prizes on Weibo, she believed it when she saw a blogger said that the top 500 people who added him to WeChat had dozens to hundreds of red envelopes. After its WeChat, the classic WeChat boxing scam began. The scammer first sends a message to inform the target that he has won the prize in order to attract the attention of the other party, and then disguise himself as a rich second-generation in the circle of friends, and issue a box-chasing notice with a screenshot of the transfer. The ending can be imagined. After giving the money, there will be no response after people go to the air.

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