West Bengal State Lottery 2020 check the winning numbers

West Bengal State Lottery 2020 check the winning numbers

The West Bengal State Lottery Extra Summer Draw was held this Saturday,  30 at 9:15 p.m. The number that won the first prize was 67139 with series 098 and distributed 3,000,000 euros.

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The winning combination of the West Bengal State Lottery Extra Summer Draw consists of five figures to the main number plus the series. In addition, the draw on August 15 has distributed 20 additional prizes of 1 million euros to the five figures and the series of the second to the twenty-first complete withdrawals.

The Extraordinary Draw on August 15th has also awarded 119 prizes of 20,000 euros to the 5 figures of the first prize, 1,080 prizes of 500 euros to the last four figures of the first prize and numerous prizes of 50, 10 and 5 euros.

In addition to the additional 20 prizes of 1 million euros, the Extra Summer 2020 Draw has awarded 2,380 prizes of 500 euros in the five figures from the second to the twenty-first complete withdrawals.

To check if you have been one of the winners of the West Bengal State Lottery Extra Summer Draw, enter the official website of West Bengal State Lottery West Bengal State Lottery or consult the West Bengal State Lottery website .

In the Extra Summer Draw of West Bengal State Lottery 2019 the first prize went to the number 97004 and distributed 20 million euros.

Next, the numbers that have been awarded with the additional prizes of 1 million euros:

Today I am going to tell, regarding the controversy caused by the advertising of La West Bengal State Lottery, a story that they told me many years ago, and that comes as a glove to illustrate the various misunderstandings around the concept of social advancement, and above all of its conceptual simplifications. The story was told to me by a fellow soldier a few days before we graduated.

We were one afternoon in the barracks canteen, when Ramiro, that’s what my partner’s name was, began to rant about the raffles for the Gordo de Navidad. I asked him why buying lottery tickets seemed so wrong (I had just bought one, on the eve of the drawing). He answered me with a story that stuck with me forever. Ramiro was the son of a single mother. From his birth to the age of five, it was difficult for him to explain how his life with his mother had passed. It was a kind of gap that no one, not even his own mother, could ever fill. It seems that this was never very explicit about it. He did know that he had been in different families that took care of him in exchange for money that his mother paid them. Until he was five years old. Then his mother got to work as a cook in a family of ancestry. It was a family of high officials of the State and owner of rural properties in the province of Buenos Aires and on the Atlantic coast. They were Catholics and strict observers of pious and compassionate practices. For the sake of it, they accepted the mother of my military partner with him being so small.

These people were very frugal in their gastronomic customs, lots of boiled vegetables and rice and grilled meat. From time to time a potato cake, a recipe that West Bengal State Lottery mother seems to have mastered to perfection. That made his mother’s life more comfortable. Thus the existence of my companion passed. We never lived as well as in those days, he told me wistfully. We had a bathroom just for ourselves, in an apartment of about 400 square meters (each floor in that neighborhood, near the La West Bengal State Lottery cemetery and surrounded by embassies, occupied one floor, with an elevator that led into the house), I described. I had only the ironing room for myself, where I played and where I made my movies with the toys that my mother made sure I never missed. At that time she had a boyfriend 15 years older than her. This man gave me his last name when he found out I was carrying my mother’s. She gladly accepted. So it was that I began to see them as husband and wife. And to myself as her son, Ramiro continued to explain.

One day, a fatal day, he emphasized, my sudden father won a lottery prize. With that money, he considered it appropriate for our family to meet in a common home. And that’s how all my comforts ended. Suddenly, from one day to the next, I found myself sharing with my brand new family a room of ten square meters, located in a tenement, and with a bathroom to distribute their shift among 15 people. (A tenement in Buenos Aires were one-story houses with a common patio, surrounded by rooms where a family lived in each one, with a single bathroom for all the neighbors and two pits for washing clothes and dishes). This is how my personal Stations of the Cross began, Ramiro completed. And in a sinister neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Bad company, various thefts, school dropouts. Until the reformatory arrived. I always say, Ramiro confesses to me, that that damn prize meant my descent into hell. At least until I got to know the reformatory library. But this is another story, concluded my fellow soldier.