Winning Numbers and Results of the National Lottery

Winning Numbers and Results of the National Lottery

Results of all Dominican Lotteries; Find out about Gana Más, Lotería Nacional, Leidsa, Loto Leidsa, Loteka, Real afternoon Lottery and New York numbers when you leave.

Dominican Lotteries
National lottery: It is the first institution in the state founded on October 24, 1882 with the purpose of maintaining a charity, and today it is one of the main lotteries in the country, which offers the Gana Más and National Lottery draws.

Leidsa : This is one of the lotteries that operated electronically for the first time, which is why it is considered the Dominican international electronic lottery. It has several raffles such as: Pega 3 Más, Loto Pool, Super Kino TV, Quiniela Leidsa and Loto – Loto Más.

Real Lottery : It is one of the companies dedicated to gambling in the country, which carries out its electronic draws from the city of Santiago. La Loto Real offers the raffles: Loto Real, Quiniela Real, Quinielita Real and Pega 4 Real.

Loteka : It is one of the most recent gambling lotteries in the Dominican Republic. This has the Quiniela Loteka raffle, which is done daily.

Schedules of the main draws:

Loteria Real Afternoon : 12:55 pm

New York Lottery: 2:30 pm / 3:30 pm (NY)

Win More Lottery : 3:00 pm

Loteka: 7:00 pm

Leidsa: 8:55 pm

National Lottery: 9:00 pm

New York Night Lottery: 10:30 pm / 11:30 pm (NY)

Loto Leidsa: 8:55 pm (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

* The times of the raffles may vary on holidays.

* These winning numbers are not the official ones; We do everything possible to get the results to you as soon as possible and you can see a mistake, but the possibilities are very low.

Due to the measures taken by the Government due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we inform all our users that the draws issued by Leidsa, Loteka, Lotería Nacional and Loto Real, will reopen their operations as of June 3, in the one that in its second phase includes the enabling of games of chance, as long as the preventive hygiene measures are complied with.

To stop the spread of the virus in the Dominican Republic, we urge all citizens to put into practice the measures offered by the competent authorities and thus safeguard the health of all. We wish you and your family good health. For more information click here.

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