Won the 1st prize in this draw, received 6 million assets

After the award announcement Government lottery For the period of March 1, 2021, number 835538, the latest online world, the lucky winner who won the 1st prize in this draw has been revealed .

In Facebook SO PI TA posted a picture of the grandmother of Pathum Rat District, Roi Et Province, who went to the police station to record daily. Along with showing the winning edition of the government lottery With a cheerful expression By the post specifying the message that

“1st prize, this time, Baan Nong Bua Ban, very Hengy, Pathum Rat District, Roi Et Province”

For the lucky person in the picture is Mrs. Samai Sripradu, 65 years old, a native of Nong Khae Sub-district, Pathumrat District, Roi Et Province. His mother told me to buy the number 38, after which she came to work at the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives. Pathum Rat Branch Therefore walked to see the government lottery Which has 1 number at the end of 38, so he has bought it to win.

Until 16.00 hrs. After the lottery was released, he went to check the government lottery. Which found that he won the 1st prize, he was very happy Therefore shouted to his relatives with joy As for the prize money received, it will be used for another part of BAAC’s debt as a scholarship for 2 more students studying and sharing the merit according to the opportunity.

Then didn’t think of anything Until the result of the bill came out to the last number 38, then took his lottery to see It appears that all 6 of them are glad to bring their own father to record as evidence that the Nang Rong Police Station. Haven’t planned what to do with it. Initially, it will be used to make merit to the fortune first.